Symbol of Alachua County Communications and Emergency Operations Center

Technology upgrades and a new communications facility have brought Gainesville
Fire Rescue into the future to allow clear, uninterrupted communication
during emergency operations. The City of Gainesville joined Alachua County and the University of Florida to implement a new digital 800-megahertz radio system constructed by Gainesville Regional Utilities.

All apparatus and handheld radios were replaced to provide unparalleled communication on the fire ground and even inside burning structure. The new system enhanced the ability of the different agencies to communicate with
each other, especially during times of emergency.

The consolidation of the communications centers for Alachua County and the
City of Gainesville allows different agencies to be coordinated more efficiently to
provide shorter response times and faster service.

The Gainesville Public Safety Communications Center and the Alachua County
Cooperative Dispatch Center were combined in a state of the art communications
center next to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

New Computer-Aided-Dispatching systems were placed on-line so all field units
would be able to respond and communicate together. The new Alachua County
Emergency Operations Center was constructed in the same building, and replaced
the smaller facility in the County Administration Building.