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A part of the Federal Government Created in 1965 by Congress, the National Endowment for the Humanities exists as an independent institution of the federal government. It also exists as the largest funder of humanities programs in the US. To save you the exhaustion of reading the 1965 legislation's definition of the term "humanities", just assume the subject has to do with sociology, history, literature, and just about anything that has been produced by the human species.

Being a government institution, the Endowment has more of an overall "project" feel to it. It's interested in funding films, research, museums, or any other way to display and study the human tradition. Specifically,
a few of the main goals, as outlined by the Endowment itself include:

20% of applicants get funded, on average. The broad scope of the Endowment shows the competition inherent in applying for grant funding. Not only would a filmmaker be in competition with other filmmakers, they would be in competition with people from possibly each and every aspect of the public and private sector. On the upside, in 1998 the Endowment funded one out of every five proposals it received.

Them's good odds.

NEH Proposal Process