The ITVS Proposal Process

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Make your voice heard! Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Independent Television Service champions itself as giving a voice to the voiceless. Its primary focus is to provide an outlet in the public sector to balance the current trend of commercial information enterprises and, in its own words "a consolidation of media empires". Explicitly stated on its website, its goal is to foster freedom of expression and a representation of all people in the US and worldwide.

Perhaps the Service's most recognized sponsorship is a program called Point of View, or P.O.V. This program airs regularly on PBS, and features a different independent documentary each week. Many noteworthy films have gotten their start here and moved on to success at film festivals. The program also functions as an homage to strong independently produced documentaries of the past, such as Frederick Wiseman's High School.

What does this mean for you, the filmmaker? It means that if you've got a really interesting and unique, socially relevant idea, you've definitely got a good chance with this organization. Also, if you are a minority or other underserved part of the population, you'll gain some favor with this group.

The downside of this organization is that, like all organizations, ITVS has a limited amount of money. This makes the proposal process more crucial, as we shall soon see....

ITVS' proposal process...