What's the big deal about sleep?

Yeah, so you've heard it a million times: "Get 8 hours of sleep every night."

Like, who has time to get 8 hours of sleep every night? Life's too short to sleep that much-- I'll sleep when I'm dead, that's my motto. Man, I'd never have time to get all my work done AND play my favorite sport AND hang out with my friends AND all the other stuff I like to do if I slept that much!

What's the big deal if I cut my sleep short a night or two? I'll just sleep in during the weekend to make up for it.

MYTH #1: Besides, I don't need as much sleep as most other people, 6 hours is plenty enough for me. In fact, I just get MORE tired if I sleep more than six hours.

Who cares if I'm a little tired during the day? I just get a mocha latte or a coke and I'm good to go!

Actually, you just might be surprised what a big deal it is to cut your sleep short, even if it's just an hour each night, or how irregular sleep patterns can affect your health. Come along on this tour and find out a few basic facts that may change your mind... and your sleep.

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