Below is a list of a few companies that provide online research.
  • Esearch - Based in California, this company allows you to join their panel to take part in online market research studies. Clients include Eli Lilly and Graham Communications.
  • Campos Market Research - Located in Pittsburgh, this full-service firm offers both qualitative and quantitative online research. Clients include The Andy Warhol Museum, The Kaiser Group, and Mellon Bank.
  • Zogby International - As the name suggests, Zogby is an international firm, although based in New York and Washington, DC. It is best known for its political polling. This firm, too, allows you to sign up and take part in an online poll.
  • Burke Marketing Research - A full-service market research company, Burke was ranked #19 in Honomichl's Top 50 Market Research firms in 1999 (as appeared in Marketing News).
  • Survey Site - This company focuses on online market research and offers focus groups, surveys, and web panels.
  • Sigma: Research Management Group - Sigma recently introduced the online research division to its company in response to the growth of the Internet as a research medium.
  • Greenfield Online - A pioneer in online marketing research, you can sign up to take part in surveys. The company will send you projects that meet your interests.