pushing against your tide
mired, sinking in the sandbar of your love
you have covered my body with your dark enveloping waters
choking, writhing I feel the black liquid enter my lungs.
let it enter, for I rebel no more.
death is welcome soothing peace

Take me O languid water
I am yours, feed on me
nourish your creatures
It is easy, to desert myself, to sacrifice my dreams
I feel the crabs feasting on my body
the fish tearing the flesh

years I have sailed your impossible ocean
I have sailed your crazy seas
foolish of you, foolish of me
to believe I would succumb to your depths

I will develop, evolve, adapt, Darwin I consult you,
form new limbs, wings, fins, gills
fall no more, rise with the dawn
energy ingested, slowly - be careful!
ravenous now my appetite, bite after bite, I cannot be quelled!

The surface beckons, refraction twisting my view
is it? can it be so close? am I dreaming?
a warm caress, lightly touching my skin, calling me back
"I will be what you need!, "if it will make you stay"
hesitation, contemplation
No, fool, keep driving towards the waves!

But! What if? If only! change is possible?
Questions, doubts, fear combining to slow my ascent
I struggle, flailing my appendages, losing precious energy
A maelstrom of froth engulfs my form
I'm losing all control!

Trust your training, I repeat over and over
when so close to the end, so near the goal
a brief safety stop is always recommended
Slowly the bubbles rise, the cloud dissipates!
I clearly see my future above
confidence reigns, I will succeed

Take me as I am!

Richard Martyniak