Out to Pasture


Bob Case is sitting at the kitchen table with his head between his hands wondering how he ever got to this end. Why did God save him so many years ago to take everything from him? God, he is so lonely and miserable.

The table has a dirty plastic flowered tablecloth on it with papers scattered all over. There are piles of past-due bills to the left side of him and another pile of notes to himself along with various cards and mail to the right side of him. He canít make any sense of the bills so he just keeps stacking them to one side hoping that if he writes out another check it will solve the problem. He just wrote out a check just last week for the electric bill. Didnít he?

Yes, he is sure of it, but now they say they are going to cut off his electricity. He is going to have to call them again and let them know they made another mistake. If these companies donít stop cheating him he is going to have to see an attorney. That should show them! They canít get away with cheating innocent folks.

ďJust because Iím old doesnít mean they can take advantage of me like this.Ē Heíll show them! Heíll show those damn companies! But for right now he canít deal with it because he has to read the paper. Heíll do something after he reads the paper.

The newspaper is spread over all the clutter on the table. In his hand he is holding a magnifying glass because he canít seem to find his reading glasses.

Bob canít remember her name but itís got to be that damn girlfriend of Jimís. She was in his house just yesterday messing around where she had no business. She must have taken his glasses. But what would she want with his glasses? Donít that beat all!! She took his glasses and she didnít even need them.

Come to think of it his vacuum cleaner is missing too. He suspects she is going to try to sell them so she can get drugs. Next time, this old man is going to have to keep a closer eye on her when she comes over.

She canít be trusted. She canít be trusted at all.

Joan Rollen