The Autobiography of Josephine A. Pecoraro

I am the youngest of seven children, consisting of six girls and one boy. My grandparents, on both sides, came over on a boat from Sicily, landed on Ellis Island and settled in the small village of Albion, N.Y.

Shortly before my twelveth birthday, we moved from New York and lived in several cities on the East coast of Texas. The kids said "Yankee, go home," in Port Isabel. In Corpus Christi, gangs ruled my school. A new-comer senior threatened girls relationships in Port Lavaca, and in Port Bolivar they gave me a spatula at the age of 18 and said, "Cook!"

Six months later I went from flipping eggs to serving them. My two sisters and I became waitresses at the Holiday Inn, in Galveston, Texas. 1975 brought the year of dad's grand plan, if all of his children financed the building of a large trimeran sailing vessel then he would take us to Italy and find us all husbands by way of traveling the world.

Close to four years later we pulled out of port on our 86 foot trimeran sailing yacht, thus beginning our five year circum navigating the world. Four months later, August 1979, we were ship-wrecked out in the Caribbean. We lost the ship. Left to the elements on two life rafts, nine people survived the six day ordeal. Six months after the rescue and recuperation, I left home.

From 1980 to 1983, I worked menial jobs barely getting by. In the fall of 1984, I began working my way through college. Four years later at the age of 31, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in finance.

Four months after graduation I bought a small gift shop. I owned and managed the shop for two years until unforseen circumstances forced me out of the business.

Two weeks later I was on a flight to Guatemala City and Taxco, Mexico. I began my own import-wholesale-retail business. Importing clothing and accessories from Guatemala and silver jewelry from Mexico.

I did very well in the business until the shipping airline I used lost a very large shipment of clothing from Guatemala. I had insurance throught the airline, but soon after my loss the airline filed Chapter 11. One year later they filed bankruptcy.

My business never recovered from that loss. The sales of the Guatemala clothing started to die, the fad of bright-colored clothing reached its peak. Also, I couldn't compete with the prices of large wholesale silver jewelry companies.

In the four years I owned the two businesses I traveled extensively through Mexico and Guatemala. I studied the Spanish language for two years prior to owning the import business and by the end of my two year venture I spoke the Spanish language fluently.

I currently work for a tobacco company as a retail representative. working closely with retail personnel has challenged my ability to enhance my communication skills.

I teach Yoga three evenings a week, walk and lift moderated weights. I love to gourmet cook and work in my garden. I enjoy listening to jazz, New Age and Classic rock music and I travel frequently.

My main goal is to be happy and to share my happiness with others. My secondary goal is to become an accomplished writer. Early in writing career I would like to write books based on true life experiences and after, I would like to work for a travel-gourmet food magazine and become deliciously well traveled.