In Memory of William Harry Kidney

Thoughts by Joan Rollen, Written by Josephine Pecoraro

My Dad

Dad lived his life with dignity and honor.
As a husband, he loved, cherished, and protected his wife.

As a father he loved unconditionally, trusted completely, and
gave his all to his children.
As an individual his faith in human kind was unsupassed.

Memories of my Dad are of laughter and sometimes a little
clunk on the head.
As a Dad, Bill gave and gave and gave.

No matter the time span he fulfilled all of my dreams and

Love was not a word or several words, to him, saying I love you,
was giving a washer and dryer, sharing his buy one get one
free groceries or standing on his head to entertain children,
creating laughter instead of tears.

Bill now has eternal life and sees things clearly. His pain and
suffering are no longer.
He has joined his beloved Josephine in the realm of the ever-after.

Dad this isn't goodbye and in the years to follow I know you
will watch over me from the heavens.

I'll strive to walk in your footsteps and to always support the
lone soul.

I will join you in Gods own time, until then, Dad,
I will cherish and love my memories of you.