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Whether you handle a single site or many sites at a time, the submission, tracking, and optimization process can be daunting and time consuming. Because of this, many companies now offer these services for a fee. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can use one of the many tools available to you.

Below is a short list of tools along with a brief description of their services.

AddWeb Web Site Promoter Submits to over 6000,000 search engines and link sites.
Agent Web Ranking Submits to 95 search engines, indicates result rankings, and has tools to help with optimization, like Meta Tag selection.
Dynamic Submission 2000 An optimization, submission, and result ranking tool.
Jim Tools Provides several tools for checking your site, submitting it, and optimizing it.
Rank Meter Locates Web sites' positions in search engines using keywords.
Rank Spy Assesses site indexation in search engines and creates a list of pages that link to your site.
Soft Seeker Automatically submits your site to almost 6000 search engines, directories, and web registries.
Submit Corner's Web Tools Free guides and online tools for submission and optimization.
SubmitWolf Pro Register with over 1000 search engines and directories, analyze rankings, and optimize your site.
Webmaster Multitool A profiling, analyzing, promoting, and tracking tool.
Web Position Gold A beefy and easy to use optimization, submission and ranking tool, possibly the best one available right now.

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