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Top Search Engines
The following list consists of the top search engines in popularity and size along with their designation as a paid or free submission site. You can submit your site to any search engine you want, but you should always submit to these search engines (or just the free ones) at the very least.
These links will take you directly to the submission page for each search engine:

Specialty Search Engines
Submitting your site to search engines that specialize in one area of interest is a good idea. Surfers that visit specialty search engines are already interested in the topic of your site, which means you'll have a good chance of bringing them to your site via your title and description.

Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch, ZDNet, and Searchability offer great pages full of links and descriptions of specialty search engines that are much more extensive than we can offer here.

Optimization and Submission Tools
Several tools exist to help make your submission and optimization process easier. Here's a brief list (For descriptions, please see the Optimization/Submission Tools page):
Rank Tracking Tools Submission Tools

Forums and Other Search Engine News Sites
An abundance of information exists on the Net regarding search engines. Below are links to forums and other search engine related sites that will keep you up to date on the latest search engine news. Don't forget that you can always get news on specific search engines by visiting their home pages.
Forums Other Sites

On this page:
Top Search Engines - Speciatly Search Engines - Optimization and Submission Tools - Forums and Other SE News Sites

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