Why can't I find my site on this search engine??!!
Can you find your site on the search engines?
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When people ask you why they can't find their site on a search engine, ask them: Search Engine Question Photo
Did you submit it to the top search engines?
Which search engines did you submit it to?
When did you submit it?
How did you submit it?
Is your site optimized?
Does anyone link to your site?
Take a look around, and find out why these questions are so important to a site's search engine results ranking.

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No guarantees exist when it to comes to getting high rankings in search engine results--that is unless you shell out big bucks. The suggestions posted on this website won't guarantee a number one ranking, but they will get your foot in the virtual door.

About This Site
This Web site stems from a research assignment for an Electronic Publishing class at the University of Florida. It is designed to help answer some of the basic questons involoving search engine optimization and submission and to give you inexpensive options for boosting your site's ranking.

About the Author
Robin Morris is currently a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in English. Her work experience includes copywriting and editing, legal writing and research, and search engine optimization and submission. For more information, please visit her home page and resume.

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Rank Write Roundtable
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On this page:
Guarantee - About This Site - About the Author - Sources

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