Crisis Management Procedures
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Here are some other informative sites that you may want to check out.

For official information concerning the anthrax crisis and any question you may have, check out the Center for Disease Control website.

If you would like a conservative view on the anthrax crisis and how the media is covering it check out the opinions of Neal Boortz.

MSNBC has some very informative information on where, and when, anthrax has been discovered recently in the United states.

The Hazardous Materials Emergency Page explains what to do, and who to get in touch with, in the event that you come in contact with anthrax.

The Anthrax Vaccines Immunization Program provides information on how, where, and why, you should get an anthrax vaccine. It is the official webpage for the Department of Defense concerning anthrax.

If you would like more information on how anthrax affects the human body check out the Journal of THe American Medical Association.

Please take a moment to read this interesting, yet funny article about powdered doughnuts and anthrax.

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