Public Relations in Sports



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In the world of sports, there has been more news on the labor-management front than there has been over what’s really important – who won the game and why.

One major task for the public relations official is the responsibility to promote team unity. They can do little to impede media critism but they must do a great deal to soothe players’ painful reactions to public ridicule. Ryne Sandberg

The public relations expert is as responsible as the coach to organize a program that psyches up the players and counters negative psychological factors. Energizing the team by plastering the locker room with opponents’ macho quotes is a common practice in college and the pros.

Sophisticated PR people realize it is better to inspire than degrade.
Just as Confucius said – “He who throws mud loses ground.”

Another very important project that the public relations expert must do is conduct courses on PR with all the players and coaching staff. Players often turn to PR expert for advice when they have a personal problem, which may explode in public forum.

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