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Public relations is about interacting with the various publics within the organization and the community.

Public relations experts work to maintain a favorable opinion of the sports club that they are working for. One of the most important assignments is getting the crowd to the game and really getting them into the game. When cheering goes up, team morale goes up too.

stadiumOne obstacle that the public relations team may face is giving the fans a good reason to get their support. Fans enjoy being rewarded even if itís trivial. When the crowd is involved, the event becomes more memorable. Any type of contest or giveaway attracts crowds and builds commoradery between the community and the team.

Another challenge that faces the public relations officials is creating publicity to make the fans feel confident that their interests are important to management. Management needs and wants public backing when it makes those hard decisions that effect players and managers and also when they are forced to raise any prices.

One very important way to reach out to the local community is to take part in events and functions that help out a charity or organization. Public relations employees will send out a list of possible speakers from the team to a constantly updated list of target organizations in order to get the team out into the community to touch all the important fans that cheer for them.

The public relations department must provide excellent opportunities for the the players to be visible and active in the community. The public relations team must make the program visible in the community activities beyond the playing field. This is extremely important because people enjoy being recognized as part of a group.

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