Public Relations in Sports

Sports Public Relations Experts


The explosion of media outlets bodes well for the future of public relations in sports.
Sports PR experts coordinate the flow of information from teams to the press--
and feed the public hunger for sports news items, team data and player information.
They also play an important "promotional" role in generating public interest, increasing teams' visibility and filling stadiums with fans. baseball

Who They Are - Often working seven days a week during the season, PR staffs for sports teams vary in size--some large universities have whole departments to coordinate public relations, while small colleges have a single staff member. Responsibilities include everything from dining with news media to supervising printing and delivery of game programs.

What They Do - College and professional PR personnel do everything from writing newspaper stories and press releases to organizing press briefings, preparing press guides and maintaining team historical files. They are responsible for responding to media and public information requests--and often for positioning difficult or sensitive news stories relating to teams or players so as to throw the most positive light on a situation.

Background/Education Required - Writing and communication skills are essential, and an interest in new media, Internet journalism and desktop publishing will be very helpful. Experience at school newspaper, radio and TV stations is helpful, as is a college degree in English, communications or public relations.

The different areas involved in Sports Public Relations consist of these parts.
Click on them to explore the challenges of a Public Relations expert on the playing field...

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