Freedom. Liberty. Pride. What thought do these words bring to mind? They are the basis of American ideology.
How would someone dissent against these concepts? Some people believe that only a symbolic protest could counteract these abstract ideals. An act whose image would haunt the minds of those who believed in these ideals. American flag

To many people, the American flag manifests these patriotic principles. It is a historical symbol that has been carried through wars, depressions, and the turbulance of change. It has seen discoveries, glory, and that country's rise to power. The flag has seen the worst and the best of American history and some citizens love it, while others despise its negative connotations. Many people assume the flag to be a symbol worthy of respect from all who live under it, but they do not realize that others see the flag in a much diffent light.

Man burning American flag For years, people all over the world have burned the American flag in protest. Patriotic citizens, however, are appalled at this symbolic act. This page will discuss the past historic movements to establish a flag burning amendment to the Constitution and the efforts to protect this freedom of expression.