Web Pages

Web sites are good channels of communication for any campaign on a tight budget. A good political Web page can be used to recruit volunteers, raise funds and engage voters through feedback mechanisms, such as games or quizzes that emphasize the campaign's core message. The Web page should offer the visitor more than what is contained in materials available in paper. A Web site provides a platform to display a message and give the lobbyist's view on the latest news concerning an issue.

The URL (the Web address) of the site needs to be easy to remember and symbolic of the lobbying campaign. If you are trying to lobby for tighter gun control, then an appropriate URL address might be www.guncontrol.org. The Web site URL should be included on every piece of material related to your lobbying campaign. This includes posters, fliers, brochures and T-shirts. Every speech made during the campaign also should make reference to the address (Coombs et. al., 1999).