Grassroots Lobbying

Grassroots lobbying involves mobilizing support for or opposition to proposed legislation or regulations at the state and local level, especially in the home districts of elected legislators. Grassroots lobbying can give legislators unmistakable evidence regarding the will of the electorate.

Grassroots lobbying involves orchestrating campaigns to bring constituent pressure on legislators or officials. Lobbyists use the local and state media to share their client's opinion to the masses. Grassroots campaigning should encourage constituents to write, call, e-mail or by some other method contact their legislators and demand action be taken.

Grassroots lobbying also can consist of targeting key opinion leaders in the community and other credible representatives of the client's view to pose as guest speakers at community events. Lobbyists have lunches and meetings with these opinion leaders and persuade them to advocate their issue to the community (Hendrix, 2001).