Lobbyists usually deal with legislation and regulations that are controversial. A popular piece of legislation most likely does not need a push to get approved or passed. Because of the controversial nature of governmental relations and lobbying, it is important to segment and categorize the receivers of the lobbyist's message. The Legislators, or subsequent decision makers, need to be categorized according to their position on the proposal.

Legislators can be subdivided into five general categories. These categories are "positives," "somewhat positives," "undecided," "somewhat negatives" and "negatives." The "positive" legislators should be targeted first, followed by the "somewhat positives" and so on. Segmenting the legislators ensures a "selective exposure" of the message the lobbyist is trying to convey. Each category needs to be treated a certain way, and each category affects the overall campaign significantly (Hendrix, 2001).



Fence Sitters

Mellow Opponents

Hard-Core Opponents

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