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independent music journalism on the internet
indie music journalism
Magazines for independent music fans such as Magnet and Puncture have each existed for over a decade, hiding on the racks of bookstores in relative obscurity, usually stocked behind some issues of TigerBeat or Bop, if at all. Those magazines are full of insightful tips that suggest the next few records an indie music hipster might want to go ahead and mail-order. The only problem is, if a hot-sounding artist featured in one of the magazine's articles is not on the accompanying sampler CD, "buying blind" can be a frightening experience.

At Pitchforkmedia.com, the site's Webmasters update daily with news from around the world of independent music, as well as a minimum of three new album reviews. The site serves as a springboard. Thousands of independent music fans visit daily. To be able to read about a new artist and then to be able to immediately sample that artist is a treat only the Internet could provide. Sites such as Pitchfork are an invaluable asset to the independent music community as they serve as a daily springboard where banner ads connect users to the Web sites for many of the indie artists and labels the site usually features.

Other independent music-oriented sites such as Nude As The News and Buddyhead are updated at least three-to-four times a week in order to keep up with the increasing demand for fresh content. Independent music fans who used to be eager to rush to the bookstore to buy the latest Puncture so they could then go mail-order from various labels are now keeping abreast by reading Splendid E-Zine's daily reviews then following that site's link to Insound to buy the stuff they've just read about. The independent music industry is like a parallel universe for those who are within it -- it's easy to forget most people have never heard of your label (or band or e-zine or management firm). To chronicle this exciting growth, especially as pertains to the Internet itself, is just as much a cultural necessity as the latest Rolling Stone celebrity profile on Eminem.

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