PR Department and Relationship to Top Management:
The Sports Information Department was separated from the University Athletic Association in 1992, when Jeremy Foley became athletic director. Since then, it has handled all media relations and deals with any problems the University Athletic Association might encounter.

Organizational Chart:
After Director of Athletics Jeremy Foley, the Sports Information Department is divided into three major sections. The first department, which is headed by Assistant Athletic Director Norm Carlson, deals directly with media relations. The second, which is headed by Associate Athletic Director Greg McGarity, is the sports information department. Last comes the department that deals directly with each individual sport, headed by Associate Athletic Director Jamie McCloskey (Sports Information and Media Relations Organizational Chart, 1999).

PR Programs Underway this Year:
For every sport, in every new year, the Sports Information Department uses media relations packets to prepare the media, and athletes at The University of Florida, for the upcoming seasons. The Sports Information Department also utilizes the World Wide Web and other computer based services along with weekly informational packets as part of their public relations program. A key objective of this program is to establish a good working relationship with other information departments on campus (Communication Plan, 2001). The goals and objectives of the Sports Information Department mirror those of the University Athletic Association, which were listed before.

How Publications are used to Communicate with the Organization's Publics:
The Sports Information Department uses various tools to communicate with its key publics. Media information packets are distributed to prospective and current athletes as well as the media to provide a synopsis of the history of each of the sports at the University of Florida. The World Wide Web provides the means for anyone to access the electronic publications of the Sports Information Department. These publications contain up-to-date information on all facets of sports at UF, including team and individual statistics, links to coach's web sites and press releases. Some other pubic relations' tools are the Media TeamLink and Fax-on-Demand systems. Media TeamLink is a 24-hour information network that gives the media the ability to get updated information on each Gator athletic team. Fax-on-Demand provides hard copy information about the athletic teams at the request of the media (Communications Plan, 2001).