Mission Statement:
The mission statement of the University Athletic Association is broad, covering a multitude of areas.
The University Athletic Association, Inc. exists to advance the University of Florida's teaching, research, and service missions. Through the education and the promotion of the health and physical welfare of students, the University Athletic Association seeks to link experiences of all backgrounds, races, origins, genders, and cultures to prepare generations of students and staff, including women and minorities, to be productive members of society. The character of the athletics programs at the University Athletic Association reflects the character of the University of Florida as a major, public, comprehensive institution of higher learning (UAA Web site 2001). Consisting of 22 departments and 18 athletic teams, the University Athletic Association employs over 275 people who are dedicated to this mission.
The University Athletic Association also states that it will demonstrate leadership in all decisions affecting college athletics in an ethical and honest manner. The University Athletic Association strives to excel in athletic performance, financial strength and fan satisfaction. It is also dedicated to student-athletes and staff, and their intellectual, physical and personal development (UAA Web site 2001).

Views of Society:
Greg Hotchkiss said the views of the University Athletic Association are directly reflected in the mission statement. He said that many of the athletes that come to the University of Florida would not be able to go to school at such a prestigious college if it were not for organizations such as the University Athletic Association, which provide scholarships to student-athletes. After making it possible for the student-athletes to attend the University of Florida, the University Athletic Association then takes the student-athletes and prepares them to be "productive members of the society." They do this by building character while giving a quality education from The University of Florida. Hotchkiss also stressed that the University Athletic Association stands apart from other similar organizations because the bulk of funding and scholarships come from private donors and not the more common state or federal grants.

Goals and Objectives:
There are six goals set by the Sports Information Department for the University Athletic Association. They are as follows:
Objectives set to complete these goals include many ways of informing the media and other organizations via use of on-line services such as the Web site gatorzone.com and e-mail delivery systems. Other objectives, that are specific and measurable, include: