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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The shores of Sarasota Bay are the home to this exceptional garden. The Selby's moved to the area and purchased the property in 1921. They loved boating and riding horses around Sarasota. Upon her death in 1971, Marie left the property to the community as a botanical garden "for the enjoyment of the general public." The garden opened officially to the public in 1975.

This garden houses the most concentrated collection of tropical epiphytic, (tree-growing), plants in the US. Plants such as orchids (over 6000 species), and bromeliads. Selby also claims to have one of the largest documented collections of orchids in the US. This is due to the scientific side to this garden. They employ dozens of botanists and researchers who work towards global conservation of these plants. At any given time throughout the year they have researchers in the jungles of the world collecting data and learning all they can about these incredible plants.

The gardens and displays at Selby are rich in diversity. Offering the visitor the Tropical Display House, Waterfall Garden, Hibiscus Garden, The Palm Grove, Tropical Food Garden, Banyan grove, Baywalk Sanctuary as well as others. Selby offers many lectures and talks on conservation issues to educate the public in important global matters. Special events include constant art displays, Selby by Candlelight, Tuesdays in the Tropics, and The BIG BUGS invade! (a garden art display featuring huge insects)

  • Address: 811 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236
  • Hours of operation: 10am-5pm daily
  • Admission: $8.00/$4.00 (adults/children)
  • Contact information: (941)366.5731

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