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Harry P. Leu Gardens

Leu Gardens are located only minuted from downtown Orlando. It was donated to the City of Orlando in 1961 by the Leu family. The house which still stands on the property was built in 1906, and went through several owners before the Leu family purchased the property in 1923.

Leu Gardens consists of about 50 acres and has the largest formal rose gardens in the State of Florida. It also maintains the largest documented camellia collections in the south. Camellias are the flowering shrub whose bloom is in the photo on this page.

Leu House

There are many different gardens on the property. The visitor experiences different feelings every where they walk. From the lush and steamy Tropical Stream Garden to the perfectly maintained Rose Garden. Other areas include the Camellia Walk, Wildflower Garden, Palm and Bamboo Walk and the North Woods.

Over 250 weddings each year are held at the gardens, making it a favorite spot for many Central Floridians.

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