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Have you ever found yourself on a long weekend or a holiday wanting to do something fun and out-of-the ordinary? Dinner and a movie get old pretty quick. There is something you can do that is fun and a break from the "norm."

Leu Gardens

Florida has a wealth of natural resources closer than you may think. There are Public Gardens all across the state. I know what you are thinking; "a garden?, who would want to go nancying around in one of those all day?" Public gardens can be exciting, fun, educational and of course relaxing. What better way to forget about classes, bills, deadlines or ex-boy/girl friends. Simply strolling around taking in all the sights, sounds and smells will reduce your stress level and make happier in general.

Fairchild Tropical Garden

I am not here to offer psychological services, I am, however, going to tell you about some of the world class gardens across the state of Florida. Within one hour from anywhere in the state you can be at a Public Garden.

Did you know there is a large Japanese garden as well as a rainforest. at gardens in Florida? Each garden possess some feature that is unique and special. The information provided on this site is mearly a sample of what is to come at these gardens, there is much that can only be discovered by exploring the gardens for yourself.

One of the best features of any garden is the Festivals, plant sales and Celebrations that are held year-round. These are the days that the gardens are opened up to the public for events that are simply about having fun in the garden. They can be large and elaborate or small and intimate, but every garden features such an event.

So I ask you again; have you ever wanted to do something different with a weekend or a day off? I hope after you poke around this site your answer will be different.

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