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Edison's winter home

Edison-Ford Winter Estate

The Edison-Ford Winter Estate is located on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River only minutes from downtown Ft. Myers. It offers visitors a experience that they will not find at any other garden.

The 14 acre gardens were designed by Thomas Edison from 1886 to 1930. many of the plants were brought from all over the world by friends and collegues of Edison. One feature of the garden that all visitors enjoy is the massive Banyan tree. The tree was planted in 1925 as a gift from Harvey Firestone. Edison was fascinated with by-products and other things he could derive from plants. So he filled his garden with anything he thought could be useful.

Another favorite of the garden is Edison's laboratory, where he worked on many of his famous inventions. Edison's home and his next door neighbor Henry Ford's were both built in 1886 and have been restored and preserved.

Firestone's gift to Edison, the Banyan.

The garden offers visitors guided tours of the grounds including the homes and laboratory. Visiting the Edison-Ford Winter Estate is a unique way to enjoy a beautiful garden as well as a story rich in history.

  • Address: 2350 McGregor Boulevard, Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901
  • Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 9am-5:30pm Sunday 12pm-5:30pm
  • Admission: $12.00/5.50 adults/children
  • Contact information:(941)334.7419

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