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Bok Tower

Bok Tower Gardens

Hailed by many to be one of the finest in the country, Bok Tower Gardens began in 1921 and were turned over to the public in 1929. The site for the garden was chosen because it sits atop the highest point in Florida, 298 feet above sea level. Edward Bok wanted a garden that would protect the hilltop and serve as a bird sanctuary. He hired the famous landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead, (New York's Central Park), to change the site to a "place of beauty."

One feature of this garden that stands above the rest, pardon the pun, is the 205' tall singing tower. Its houses a 60-bell carillon. A carillon is a set of copper bells that are played by a keyboard. The Bok Tower sings every day at 3pm and fills the garden with the rich sound of serenity, enhancing the physical beauty that is already present.

The grounds themselves consist of 200 acres, 157 of those were designed by Olmstead. The trails and paths work their way through peaceful woodlands filled with wildlife and lead visitors to epic views. Aside from the Tower, another sight that cannot be missed is the dramatic sunsets that bathe the grounds in rich golden and red hues.

From December 1-31, at 3pm, the gardens will have Seasonal Carillon Music. Where visitors will enjoy their favorite holiday sounds ringing from the Tower. In addition to the daily sounds the garden offers a "Songs of the Season" recital, as well as a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Program that are truly exceptional.

  • Address1151 Tower Boulevard, Lake Wales, Fl 33853
  • Hours of Operation: 8am-6pm (7days a week)
  • Admission: $6.00/2.00 (adults/children) Saturday admission FREE
  • Contact information: (863)676.1408

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