Socialization is the process of developing relationships with other living beings in the environment. The first few months of your puppy's life are the most crutial for its development. If too much time passes without a puppy adapting to other animals and people, feelings of fear, timidity and aggression may result. The most sensitive period for puppys socialization occurs durring the first 12 months, so it is important to start the socialization process as soon as possible.

Start simple. Once your dog is comforatble with you, start inviting some friends over. Make sure that you have treats ready for your friends to give the dog. It will help the dog get better aquainted with others. Make sure that every greeting is a positive experience.

Find out if there is a local dog park around. It's good for dogs to play on common grounds. A dog might be timid about another dog coming into their home, but if the meeting is at neutral park location, most of the time they'll just play together.

Dogs are rough by nature. Therefore, they play rough. When a dog bows before approaching another dog, this means that they are just playing around. It is normal for dogs to bark, nip or even chase other dogs. Most events are fun and games to dogs, and you'll be surprised by their amazing threshold for things that would seem painful. You will know when and if your dog is actually fighting with another dog, or is not happy with who they're playing with.

One thing it is important to remember is, if you're dog is fighting with another dog, first check to see if its owner is around. Your dog might not bite you, however you don't know about the other dog. Do not take any chances by jumping into the fight. A loud noise works as a good distraction, or water always works. If there's a hose around, spray your dogs. If you're holding a cup of water or beer, throw it on the dogs. Anything to distract them will work. Just don't jump in and fight also. It could be very dangerous. Remember, although dogs are cute and cuddly, they are still animals with animal instincts.

Socialization is a fun process to watch your dog go through. With practice and patience you'll soon notice new skills and manners that your dog has.

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