Lets face it. Dogs are different. They think, act, smell, and behave differently. It's normal for a dog to go sniff another dog's butt upon their first greeting; in fact it's a really good sign if they do. If humans did this, I don't think it would be considered as socially expectable. Granted, it would be hilarious, but in real life a restraining order and police call would be the usual response to whoever the culprit was.

Dogs dig, bite, bark, smell really odd when they first get out of water, chew things (like furniture and TV remotes), eat random things they find on the floor and all in all make amazing companions and friends. So just because the things they do aren't necessarily comparative to human standards, it doesn't mean they're bad or hopeless dogs. They just need to learn how to please us, their masters.

I'm different Because dogs fundamentally, physically and mentally are of a different breed and caliber than humans, they also learn differently. This website is designed to help out all of the many people who recently got a dog, and had no idea what to expect. It shows different techniques and ways to train a dog and also explains the purpose of training a dog for both the owner's and dog's well-being.

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