Ohio University
Ohio University's School of Visual Communication hosts arguably the best photojournalism program in the nation. Graduate students and undergrads consistently win CPOY awards and even POYs. The one-year graduate program is especially respected in the field.
University of Missouri
Founded in 1940 by Cliff Edom, the University of Missouri's photojournalism program educated many of today's top photojournalists. The school hosts the judging of the CPOY and POY contests. Known more for its undergraduate program, the graduate photo courses are identical to the undergraduate courses.
University of Florida
Despite a small program with only two full-time photojournalism professors, the College of Journalism and Communications' photo majors have had great success in national student contests like Hearst and CPOY, recently beating out larger schools. The school is slowly growing a graduate photo program.
Western Kentucky University
WKU's School of Journalism and Broadcasting has quickly developed one of the top undergraduate photo programs in the country. Students have consistently placed at the top of the Hearst contest. A very structured curriculum and clearly stated objectives might account for much of the students' success.
Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Affiliated with several colleges in Maine, The Salt Institute offers intensive semester programs in documentary photography for undergraduate and graduate students.
Syracuse University
The Newhouse School's Visual and Interactive Communications department offers undergraduate majors in photojournalism, illustration photography, and graphic arts. A small, well-reputed graduate program is also offered.
Salt Institute
The Salt Institute has an extensive listing of MFA programs and Masters programs in journalism.