Thanks to the Internet, funding for photojournalists is quickly becoming more accessible and consequently more competitive. Competitions, grants and awards abound while scholarships for students are a little more scarce.

This site contains a full spectrum of financial awards from college scholarships to esteemed professional awards. Although many of the awards are geared to more experienced photographers, aspiring photojournalists will glean valuable information that will prepare them for the future.

Unfortunately, probably the most limited form of funding is scholarship money for undergraduate and graduate education. Undergraduate photojournalists will be hard pressed to find money earmarked for education. However, graduate students are in a slightly better position in that most programs offer financial help in the form of a teaching assistantship. Nonetheless, this site offers a few ideas.

Most of the money available to photojournalists comes in two forms: a grant or award to continue a large scale photography project, or as an award for winning a competition. Awards vary in prestige and purpose. Some seek to recognize the best image in a category while others like the Robert F. Kennedy Award recognize photo stories that inform and cause change. In addition, a few unique grants exist to further other areas of photography. It is hard to categorize funds like this and some overlap exists in the categories that have been created for this site.

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