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USA Today recently published a statement online regarding magazines and their role in promoting eating disorders. “Worrying about being too fat or not thin enough has become increasingly common in recent years as the ‘ideal’ body shape continues to shrink (according to the covers of most major magazines).”

Modern and fashion magazines commonly focus on body image. As a result, the media and magazines as a whole have been held liable for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle as one to follow. These periodicals contain at least one article per publication that makes reference to body beautification and alteration.

In spite of this, most recently magazines have been recognizing the growing trend of this detrimental health issue. Magazines such as People magazine and YM have been publishing articles that bring up the issue “how thin is too thin?” In the People magazine article, it speaks about the growing trend of thin women on television and the media. It also provides the reader with the viewpoint from the celebrities themselves, and their thoughts on the pressure to be thin.

YM magazine published an article this month (December 2001 issue) titled “Breaking up with My Bathroom Scale.” It is an uplifting short story about one woman’s struggle to learn how to accept her body. The author struggled with her weight and for a while, like most women her age she was focused on the numbers on the scale. She learned to accept her body by eating healthy meals, exercising and coming to the decision that she needed to throw out her bathroom scale.

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