II-2. Other Tips

Essential Elements for Enhancing ePhilanthropy Relationships

  • Donor First
    When building a Web site, give as good deal of thought to the needs and expectations of those constituencies closes to your organization. Taking into account the needs of your donors and key visitors will help you prioritize those elements you will build into the site first and those you will bring online over time.
  • Mission
    Your organization has built a reputation of service in your community. Based on your reputation and visitor's previous experience with your organization, there will be an implicit amount of trust conveyed to the web site. This will be enhanced or diminished based on the experience they then have online.
  • Site Design/Navigation
    The ease of finding what a visitor or donor is looking for, is essential. This is enhanced by the use of easy to understand terms, the consistent placement of navigational buttons, clear instructions to help donors make their gifts online and easy ways to search the site's content.
  • Stewardship
    As we all know more attention should be placed on providing good stewardship for gifts made to our organizations. Online donors demand this. How clear is the procedure for making an online contribution? How well are concerns or comments responded to? Is there assurance that personal information will be kept secure and private is key to good stewardship both of the gift and of the relationship?
  • Technology
    It is not necessary to deploy the latest and greatest technology on your Web site (not that there is anything wrong with that). What is important is to understand that most people will judge your Web site by its speed and ease of use. Do your pages load quickly? Can I find what I am looking for? Do I have the opportunity to communicate and provide feedback? Can I make a secure gift online? Is my privacy secure? Paying attention to these elements will provide a competitive advantage to your organization. Every Nonprofit Must Know, an emphasis on building relationships, and you will begin enhancing your efforts to build strong relationships with visitors and donors. This will translate into fund-raising success.



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