II. Online Fundraising

Ten Rules

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Tips for Websites

Understanding donors and online visitors and providing excellent customer service builds the trust needed to be successful eFundraiser. The Internet is like any relationship; you get out of it, what you put into it. Having an effectively designed Web site with up to date content that is relevant to your visitors and donors takes work. Happy visitors become happy donors and provide lots of word of mouth referrals and repeat visits that will benefit your organization for a long time; paying attention to building a good relationship with prospective donors will payoff in many ways for your organization.

The Internet fund-raising revolution brings greater opportunity but also some new challenges in the areas of seller/buyer motivation and customer service. How can nonprofits and fundraisers make this new technology work for their group to improve its fund-raising profitability?

There are many options out there, and more are sure to come. The following information should assist nonprofits and fundraisers in making a more informed decision on whether to use online fund raising



Online Fundraising


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