Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Initiatives

Environmentally-oriented and workplace initiatives can reduce operating and production costs dramatically by cutting waste and inefficiencies, therefore improving productivity.

Enhanced brand image and reputation are results seen by companies that are considered to have a good reputation in CSR-related practices. This is true for both a company's consumer public as well as within the business community as well.

Positioning products with value-based criteria, such as "sweatshop free" and "child-labor free" clothing has been proven to be a growing desire when consumers make purchasing decisions, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Improving working conditions and labor practices, especially for off-shore locations and suppliers, campanies usually experience a decrease in defective or unsaleable merchadise.

Companies are devloping ways to generate a return on the large amounts of resources invested in the hiring, training and development of employees. Companies with strong CSR objectives are finding it easier to attract and retain employees.

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