On June 2, 2000, the Clearwater coastguard rescued a 6'2, 250 pound bearded man from the rough waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This man, whom remembered nothing about himself, only knew that he once captained a mighty pirate ship. As time went on, he slowly regained his memory, and remembered how he had gotten lost at sea. During a ferocious thunder-storm, the man was thrown from his vessel when it was struck by lighting. Luckily, he stayed a float by holding onto a piece of driftwood, but he hadn't seen mighty ship since. While the coastguard helped him to remember where he had come from, they noticed a tattoo on his arm of a pirate ship. It just so happens that it was the same pirate ship that mysteriously drifted into Tampa Bay, and now resides in Buccaneer Cove, in the north end zone of Raymond James Stadium. The coast guard returned the man back to his ship where he lives today, watching over Tampa Bay from the look out point of his ship. Still suffering from amnesia, the man could not remember his name, so the city of Tampa held a contest to help name the mystery pirate. The name that was chosen was Captain Fear, The Buccaneer. If you travel to Raymond James Stadium, you will see the mighty pirate, watching over his new beloved city, and rooting on his awesome Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Captain Fear at his look out point
Captain Fear's Mighty ShipThe coast gaurd helping Captain Fear back on land
Favorite Food: Checkers Hamburgers
Favorite Drink: Coke. Two years of seawater was enough for him.
Favorite Play: The Pirates of Penance
Favorite Movie: Jaws
Favorite Leisure Activity: Lifting Weights. His work-out partner is Bucs running back Mike Alstott