Formerly known as the "SwashBucklers" since the Bucs inauguration into the NFL, the teams pride and joy have adopted a new name: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders. The Bucs Cheerleaders not only bring style, energy, and good lucks to Buccaneers sidelines, but are also heavily involved in the community and charity work. Becoming a Bucs Cheerleader is no easy feat either. Every March, hundreds of women audition to be a part of the squad. I know three of the girls from high school, and they have told me how grueling and time consuming the practices and preparations are for Sunday game days. They all said it is worth though because of the energy they bring to sidelines, and the good the accomplish for our community. Cheerleaders 2001 Squad Picture
To order your Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Calendar, just click on the icon. This is a swimsuit calendar, and all of the girls are gorgeous. It just so happens that the cover girl on the icon is my good friends ex - I'll bet he really misses her now!