Fly the Friendly Skies: United Airlines

United Airlines logo

United Airlines is an international airline company who has dedicated an entire branch of its company to philanthropic endeavors. For nearly 50 years, the United Airlines® Foundation has served as the philanthropic wing of the airline.

According to the United Airline's information site, the Foundation's mission is:

To develop, implement, and communicate United's commitment to community service by sponsoring and supporting charitable organizations, as well as programs and activities that improve the communities where our customers and employees live and work.

Emergency Relief Efforts

On October 20, 2001 United Airlines confirmed that all of its aircraft were equipped with cockpit security bars in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration's new guidelines.

United was one of the first airlines to announce that it would reinforce cockpit doors following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

Boeing 757
A Boeing 757, same type of plane as flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania.

United reinforced cockpit doors on its entire fleet of 611 aircraft in just over two weeks. This means employees literally worked around-the-clock to install the security bars on the airline's entire operating fleet.

The airline is also offering a 12,500-bonus-mile incentive when you sign up for Internet service with MSN, and double miles for frequent flyers on all trips booked through the beginning of December.

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