Public Relations: Crisis COmmunication

New York City Sky Line
New York City Skyline

The entire world was at a loss for words when terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. The entire world with the exception of public relations practitioners who realized everyone would be wondering "what will happen to us now?" Since that day corporations have done all they can to contribute to relief efforts and charities aiding those in need because of this disaster.

For my research project, I defined what a crisis is and looked at what companies have done and how they have used the Internet to let their publics know that in a crisis situation they are there to give support. I looked at five different types of companies: a financial firm, an Internet auction company, a U.S. news network, a clothing company and an international airline whose planes were used in the attacks:

Every company is doing its part and together they are helping to make a difference in the United States.

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