The Author

My design choice on this site does not mean I suggest that CIPA censors classical nude art. The reason I chose to include the nudie photos is because when I put the word "nude" into a search engine, among all the porn sites that popped up were a few sites devoted to nude art (the kind my mother would approve of.) The point is that the site from which I acquired the photos would most likely be rejected by some Internet filtering software out there. I could just as well have put up photos from defense, medical or political sites.

I'm fairly sure none of the artists who created the paintings are alive to sue me for copyright infringement, but if so, I claim fair use!

I chose the final nudie picture to be one of myself. Proudly, I can say it's the only picture of me anywhere on the Web. I am also proud that I was exposed to freedom of the press at such an early age.

D. Nicole "Niki" Offutt

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