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The Winter Soldier Investigation had provided Scott with an opportunity to network with like-minded veterans. Upon his return to Gainesville, Scott became active in an organization known as the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, or VVAW. The VVAW used "guerilla theater" to voice their message. At the University of Florida Homecoming Parade, VVAW members as well as Quakers and members of the Unitarian Church staged a spectacle. The participants were attacked by VVAW members, dressed as armed soldiers, as the blood packets underneath their clothes exploded and they dropped to the ground. As fear and hysteria began to spread, the VVAW members distributed pamphlets those at the parade. The fliers informed them that if they lived in Vietnam, this could really be happening to them, their friends, their family, and their children.

Scott helped to organize a march in Washington, D.C. with the VVAW that would bring attention to their stance against the war. Culminating on the steps of the Washington Mall, Vietnam veterans from across the nation threw away their medals in protest of the war in Vietnam. The veterans also managed to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling that they could not camp out on the mall.

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