Seasoned Veteran: The Journey of a Winter Soldier is a documentary produced by graduate students Benito Aragon, Melinda Kahl, and Michael Kirschbaum in conjunction with the University of Florida. The project focuses on the life of Scott Camil and will be screened in May 2002.

Scott Camil has been viewed throughout his life as a war hero, traitor, patriot, subversive, and activist. He had fought for his country, and later challenged his government's policies. He was wounded twice by the enemy in Vietnam, and then was shot by his government in the streets of the United States.

The atrocities Scott Camil witnessed and participated in during his time in Vietnam led to his involvement in political activism. His journey is fraught with struggle and as he attempts to overcome the guilt and confusion associated with the horrors of war.

Scott's upbringing indoctinated within him an animosity towards Communism, both at school and at home. Scott had to enlist in the Marines because of behavioral problems that led to legal trouble. Scott was an enthusiastic and patriotic nineteen-year old enlistee in 1965. His Marine training ensured he would be an efficient soldier.

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