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Scott Camil returned home from the Vietnam War holding firmly to the belief that the Vietnamese he had killed in the fight against Communism were merely gooks, not human beings. The realization that this was not true came about gradually. Scott's participation in the Winter Soldier Investigation played an instrumental role in this process (4).

Scott was attending the University of Florida in Gainesville when he heard that Jane Fonda was coming to speak at Graham Pond. He had never seen a movie star before, so he was excited to have the opportunity. She spoke about the Winter Soldier Investigation and how it was the patriotic duty of all veterans to tell the public the truth about the atrocities that were being committed in Vietnam(3).

The term "winter soldier" refers to Thomas Paine's criticism of American revolutionary soldiers of 1776. At end of the summer, the "sunshine patriot" deserted the fight whereas the "winter soldier" withstood the harsh conditions of winter. These Vietnam veterans who testified were the "new winter soldiers" who were still fighting, but for justice and peace through activism (2).

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