Seasoned Veteran: The Journey of a Winter Soldier is important to a national audience for several reasons:

* The audience will see the changes of a nation through the eyes of Scott Camil. Viewers, both having lived though these changes and discovering them for the first time, will experience a unique, first-hand perspective. The life of Scott Camil and many of the stories he has to tell have yet to be told through a visual medium.

*Scott's involvement in politics is important to many different generations. The baby-boomers will relate to past struggles for justice, while younger generations will be inspired by an enduring battle for justice.

*Scott Camil believes he has a mission to work toward improving the quality of life for everyone. He has beaten the odds and barely escaped with his life on many occasions. He fights for human rights so that what happened in Vietnam was not completely in vain.

*This documentary will interest the American public who loves their country, but questions the motives of United States military involvement around the world.

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