Public Relations Founding Fathers

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Public Relations Greats

People who legitimized the profession of Public Relations

These 20th century practitioners, that have sculpted the U.S. war effort, industrial and commercial corporations and means to which the public is informed, deserve a great deal of recognition. They developed the practices that all public relations firms have derived from. They have also brought credibility to the public relations profession by opening lines of communication between big business and the consumer in which they rely upon.

These individual's contributions have helped the U.S. to prosper because of their involvement in companies, organizations and institutions. Without the advice and coaching of the public relations greats, within these entities, there would be no standards, guidelines or protocol in which the mass media and public is dependant upon.

Not only by developing a clear concept of public relations have these individuals made their mark in history, but also they have in turn provided invaluable counsel to U.S. figureheads in the most desperate of times. Society as a whole has benefited from the open dialog and interaction of the public relations profession by providing for the needs and desires of the publics.

It is important that we recognize the accomplishments of the great public relations founders.

" should be cheerfully willing to tell the public what its policies are, what its doing, and what it hopes to do. This seems to me practically a duty."Arthur Page

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