¿Tienes Hambre (Hungry)?

"A vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water." - anonymous
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It is often said that Argentina is second only to the US as the largest consumer of beef in the world. That's a lot of beef, considering that Argentina has a population of 35 million people, compared to the 250 million people in the United States! Argentina's vast grassland Pampas host most of the country's cattle (and some sheep). Cattle raising in these grasslands dates back to the Spanish arrival in South America. The first cattle, horses, and sheep were introduced by the early Spanish settlers. The cattle were small animals without much meat on them, and they were used mainly for hides and jerked beef (cured meat which does not require storage). After the 1880's, free-range cattle raising was replaced in part by fenced-in cattle ranching. About this time, high-grade beef cattle breeds were introduced. The construction of railways by foreign, mainly English, investors made it possible to ship stock and crops to markets and ports. Refrigerating plants and refrigerator ships permitted the meat to be exported.

McDonald's in Buenos Aires