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Republican & Democrat Committees

  • Republican National Committee
    View the Republican Party's powerful public relations tool. An interesting and practical use of the Internet in politics.

  • Democratic National Committee
    Not to be outdone, the Democratic Party has a Web site of its own. It is interesting how similar the Democrats' and Republicans' pages are content wise. However, it is my opinion the Republican Committee's site is superior in regard to design.

    General Political Links

  • Web, White & Blue
    Web White & Blue is a non-partisan consortium of 17 of the largest Internet sites and news organizations (including ABCNews.com, America Online, FOXNews, The New York Times, and Yahoo.com) who have come together to highlight the potential of the Internet to expand citizen participation in our democracy.

  • United States Congress
    This site allows you to keep up with legislation in the United States Congress. I include it here because the site also allows you to determine your own Congressperson and Senators, and provides links to their Web pages. How does your Representatives' Web pages stack up against the rest?

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