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Bush vs. Gore

Gore: The Inventor of the Internet?

Click for full screen image  As an avid compute user since the early 1980s, Al Gore used the Internet as an aggressive campaigning tool. He personally scanned 200 e-mails each day from his laptop and Palm Pilot. Clearly the most computer literate of the candidates, he carried a Palm Pilot with him everywhere. His statement that he had "taken the initiative in inventing the Internet" was shortened ("I invented the Internet") and used against him in the campaign. On his site, Gore offered "FastTV" that offered clips, speeches and commercials. Within the code that built the site, Gore sends a friendly message to "computer geeks" that was interested in how the site was built. The site was constantly updated from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. everyday. Gore's site also included a "mobile edition" that was created for handheld devices. Also on his site was a "town hall" section wehre visitors could post questions that were then screened and answered by Gore. Nearly one million questions of comments were posted on the Town Hall section. Gore challenged Bill Bradley to an online debate and even sent him a video e-mail with questions or comments concerign his health care plan. Another innovative part of Gore's site allowd supporters to chat and exchange instant messages with each other. Also on the site, supporters could also create their own Web pages in support of Gore.

Bush's Web Site

 Bush seemed decidedly behind on the Internet curve. He spent relatively little on his campaign Web site in comparison to the massive war chest he accumulated and his campaign consultants minimized the importance of a campaign Web site. Bush's campaign strategy relied more on direct mail because they were highly skeptical that the Internet would have a significant impact on the outcome of the election. Eventually, Bush did incorporate some of the interactive features that Gore included, but still did not spend as much money comparatively speaking as Gore did.

All information regarding the 2000 Election is taken from How the Internet is Changing Politics; Campaign 2000 on the Internet, by Jim Buie.1

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