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Timeline: Primate Flight in the 1940's

Timeline: Primate Flight in the 1950's

Timeline: Primate Flight in the 1960's

April 18, 1951 A capuchin monkey is launched aboard an Aerobee research rocket. The parachute did not deploy and the monkey died on impact
September 20,1951 A rhesus monkey named Yorick, along with 11 mice, is launched in an Aerobee research rocket. He is lost upon landing and dies of heat exhaustion two hours after recovery
May 21,1952 In the final biological Aerobee flight, two rhesus monkeys, Pat and Mike, were successfully launched and recovered
December 13, 1958 Gordo, aka Old Reliable, takes a sub-orbital flight on an Army Jupiter missile. He is lost at sea
May 28, 1959 Monkeys Able and Baker repeat the same mission as Gordo. The flight is a success and they come home to a heroes welcome
December 4, 1959 A rhesus monkey named Sam is launched aboard Little Joe 2. The flight was a success
August 21, 1959 Rhesus monkey Miss Sam was to be launched aboard Little Joe 1-B. The rocket misfired 31 minutes before lift off sending crew members running for cover
October 4, 1959 Miss Sam is launched, but the rocket gives a less than prime performance. She is to be sent up again


Primate Missions in the 1940's

Primate Missions in the 1960's